2018 Blog Schedule (FINALLY)

I’ve decided, finally, that I need a blog schedule. I have started taking blogging a little more seriously and would like to have some consistency. I do work full-time and I know that this may be a lot harder than anticipated but it will be fun (haha ha ha…) I still want to enjoy blogging so if this doesn’t work then I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Obviously, there are going to be days where I just won’t able to post. Just bear with me.

Monday: I would like Mondays to be my day off because nobody likes Mondays.

Tuesday: Top ten Tuesday

Wednesday: WWW Wednesday

Thursday: Tags (whatever tags I find or ones I’ve been tagged in, which happens once in a blue moon)

Friday: Book Review

Saturdays: I will post whatever I feel like posting on Saturdays. It will probably be more of a chatty post (life updates, bookshelf tour, book hauls etc…)

Sunday: Weekly Wrap-up

Monthly: I will be doing a monthly wrap up on the last day of every month. If it lands on a day that I already have something planned it will be replaced with the monthly wrap-up.

What’s your blog schedule? Do you even have one? Let me know down in the comments. If you enjoyed reading this post give it a like or follow my blog if you want to see future posts from me. Be respectful and happy reading!

5 thoughts on “2018 Blog Schedule (FINALLY)

  1. I never actually set myself a blogging schedule? Which is funny since I pretty much have one, automatically?
    Monday – Review
    Tuesday – Top Ten Tuesday
    Wednesday – WWW & WoW
    Thursday – Review
    Friday – TGIF [updates] / tag / anything I feel like
    Saturday – Review
    Sunday – Tag / discussion / readathon / whatever pops up

    I think that’s pretty much it; although I sometimes switch my reviews and non-meme days up if I feel like it. :’)

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