Blogmas Day 11: Resources I Use as a Reader/Blogger


Happy BLOGMAS day 11!

I’m sure everyone has heard of these resources, but I never really share what I use. If you’re new to the book community one of these may be helpful. They all help step up my blogging/reading game.


I think we all know what this one is. I get one Goodreads at least once a day. I like to scroll through and find new books to add to my TBR. I’ve used it many times at work, since I do work in a library. I can also follow authors that I love.

If I don’t have a book review on my blog, I will typically put one up on Goodreads.


I enjoy staying up to date on new releases. I’m definitely not the greatest at it, but I try. Don’t take my advice when it comes to NetGalley though, because I have a pretty low percentage ratio. I am working diligently at increasing it!

Google Docs:

I don’t have much to say other than this is where I take my reading notes. I can get it from any computer with internet access. I love customizing fonts and using the highlight feature. It’s satisfying!

YouTube (BookTube):

I love to lay on my couch and watch BookTube. Sometimes it helps give me motivation to read. I usually just watch it to check out what’s new in the book community.


If anyone knows how bad I am with my grammar and punctuation, it’s my blogger friends. I did use Grammarly for a while, but that’s too expensive to get what I want. I also use this as another set of “eyes” after writing my blog posts. After reading something over and over again, words start to blur together.

Honorable Mention:

Fantastic Fiction:

This website is awesome when it comes to whether a book is in a series or not. It’s easy to use in a hurry.

What resources do you use as a blogger/reader?

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One thought on “Blogmas Day 11: Resources I Use as a Reader/Blogger

  1. These are great resources for people new to the book blogging/book reviewing community to use. Such a great blogmas post idea. I use all of these except for Prowritingaid and Fantastic Fiction. Some of the other resources that I use are OverDrive and Hoopla. I like to pair my physical book with the audio. I just think it helps me get through a book faster. I also use Edelweiss+ in addition to NetGalley. The other resource that I use most of all are social media platforms for my bookish content, Instagram and Twitter, specifically.


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