Movie Review: 1917


Directed by Sam Mendes

1 hour 59 minutes

8.4/10 IMDb

6/10 – My rating

IMDb Synopsis:

April 6th, 1917. As a regiment assembles to wage war deep in enemy territory, two soldiers are assigned to race against time and deliver a message that will stop 1,600 men from walking straight into a deadly trap.


I don’t watch a lot of movies. If I do, they’re cute little romantic comedies. I’m not a movie critic. I just wanted to review a movie I watched that had pretty good reviews. I haven’t done this on my blog before, so let me know if you think I should write these every once in awhile. If you hate it, then feel free to let me know. Just be nice about it. Thanks.

Trigger warnings: dead animals, dead bodies, blood, open wounds, death. All of the war things.

Am I mad that I watched this? No. Is this a new favorite movie? Unfortunately, no.

I thought that the way it was filmed, one long film strip without any cut scenes, was clever. I’ve never watched anything like that, and a war movie is probably one of the few types of films that could be filmed that way. I’m glad there are people out there trying something new. I could appreciate it.

One downfall that I found was the beauty of everything. Every scene was extremely cinematic. I found that props—dead bodies, dead animals, building ruins, etc—were conveniently placed. I wanted more grit, blood, gore. I wanted it to be less planned, if that makes sense. If you don’t like all that, then you’ll probably love this.

Let’s talk about acting! There’s not much. There are very few crying scenes, and they weren’t great. I didn’t see any tears until the very end, and it was from a random character in the trenches. Acting definitely isn’t the strongest in this one, but I don’t think that it was supposed to be focused on, anyway.

There’s a part in the movie where Lance Corporal Schofield is running from a German shooting at him. They were running in a straight line, and I’m not sure how the guy managed to not hit Schofield. Not that I wanted him to get injured, it just didn’t scream realistic. I’ve never shot a gun, so I don’t know why I’m even commenting on it.

It’s a solid movie, but it’s nothing groundbreaking. I don’t think I would re-watch it on my own, but if someone asked me to watch it with them, I would. The acting is average, and it was filmed in a new funky, fresh way. It’s very pretty, but it’s not gritty enough for me. This is maybe a step or two away from the middle of the road.

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